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Cricket Widow

Opinion The only option for a cricket widow is to play the game Shoba Narayan April 13, 2014 Updated: April 13, 2014 16:57:00 I am a cricket widow. I didn’t think I would be one. Indeed, in the early throes … Continue reading

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Queen the movie, Lean In

I hope Queen the movie triumphs in the box office, because it is a rare Bollywood film with the heroine as the lead. Also produced and written by Kangana Ranaut. LOUNGE|BUSINESS OF LIFE|INDULGE FIRST PUBLISHED: SAT, APR 12 2014. 12 … Continue reading

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Indian Wine

The wine club that I belong to is informal and wonderful. We meet, drink good wine and talk about life. Below is a wine we drank recently. Just kidding. That was a gift from my wine-collector brother-in-law. At the Oberoi … Continue reading

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Maternal Mortality Rates

Maternal mortality interests me because it seems preventable and is a problem that is at a confluence of medicine, society and culture. I recommend (highly) the latest State of the World’s mothers report. If giving birth is natural, why do … Continue reading

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Reinventing Carnatic Music

For those who want to delve deeper, here are some books and papers that I read. The delight of research is discovery. You sift through reams of stuff and come upon some gems that make your hair stand on edge. … Continue reading

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My latest app download. I love it Check out the photos here.

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Planet Earth: vast and humbling

My rant about how large Planet Earth is; and about the hubris of our species. Sometimes, humans have no clue. Wrote it last night. Out today. The pleasure of web-zines is their immediacy. Reads better in here LESSON FROM … Continue reading

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Maternal Deaths

This appeared in Christian Science Monitor. India’s MMR statistics are shameful, something which I didn’t know. But there is a nice report called “State of the World’s Mothers” that outlines where India stands. The process is complicated because everyone has … Continue reading

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Evolution of Music 3

LOUNGE FIRST PUBLISHED: SAT, MAR 22 2014. 12 08 AM ISTHOME» LEISURE» THE GOOD LIFE Carnatic music: what’s the way ahead? Can dramatic changes of the sort that happened in Western classical music in the 18th century happen in today’s … Continue reading

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Brain Training

The pleasure of filing one day and having it up the next! You should click on the link below and read it in Quartz. Looks nicer MEMORIES… Forget brain workouts—chanting mantras takes half the time and is more effective By … Continue reading

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