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Why are they even together?

About good relationships and bad ones? Kate and Will are getting married. Do you have a good marriage? Find out. Here is the page on the Indicast Podcast Network

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Friendship podcast

This week’s podcast about Friendship. Here at the Indicast site. Also below.

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Lessons for Life: new podcast series

Aditya Mhatre of the Indicast Podcast Network emailed me after a Mint column about the podcasts I listen to. He introduced me to his podcast network at The Indicast and helped me learn how to do a podcast. We talked … Continue reading

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The Stray Dog

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Sam Gosling Interview

Here is a podcast I uploaded in which I interviewed Professor Sam Gosling via Skype. The page is here. You have to click on 9.3 MB Click here for the podcast

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Introductory Podcast

It took me ten days to record this one because I wasn’t really sure what it was about. Finally, I decided to stop fussing about making it perfect and simply decided to try out this new and exciting medium. I … Continue reading

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My First Podcast

Charlotte visited from Boston and inspired me to do something that I have long been wanting to do. Aditya Mhatre of Indicast told me to set it up at I recorded the piece using Apple’s built in Garage Band … Continue reading

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NPR Commentaries

Years ago, when I lived in New York, I did a series of commentaries for NPR. You can find the NPR Link Here. My producer was this fabulous lady called Davar Ardalan. Basically, I would write a commentary and email … Continue reading

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