7 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Shoba! Kiran Raivadera is probably right. You will be able to write a good novel… but I’m not sure you can do it while you still have a family to distract you…. Some writers get up before dawn and have finished their day’s work before breakfast…. Your time will come. The main thing is to keep writing (as you are doing) and to keep a notebook with ideas. And then to let me know when the Great Indian Novel is finished!
    Have you let Mount Holyoke know about your newly published book? Congrats on Return to India!


  2. Thanks for responding. Let me tell you that it is not as hard as you think it is. You are already doing harder things. Writing about prosaic things and making them interesting by infusing life into them is no small job. I am sorry if sound a bit preachy, but I have written two novels (in Gujarati-of course, and pardon me if you find my tone turning apologetic, but it is not so). I thought I had a story to tell (pardon my clichetic phrase), and I thought i could tell it different. I broke each chapter, listed down what I would say in each chapter and then it began to flow. Believe me. When they were serialized, my readers in Kol called me each week and gave me their views/suggestions. You are far more capable than I could ever hope to be, so start it, make it a time-bound assignment and do not forget to thank a stranger in your preface..haha
    I think i am older than you or may be same age, hence advising you.
    May you have everything in life
    wishes n regards


  3. I have fallen in love with your writing. Really. I sincerely wish you had stuck to writing fiction instead of writing on such ‘weird’ subjects like traveling, horses, Kolaveri and everything under the sun. Not that i do not like them, rather it is just the opposite. But I am pretty sure you could have become the finest fiction writer. . Your reasons for riding were just fabulous, your description of your surfing experiences was awesome.
    Sorry for giving unsolicited advice. After all, it is your choice.
    Thanks to you, as your writing does energize me.
    With wishes n regards


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