The National

The National, Abu Dhabi

I recently became a business columnist for The National in Abu Dhabi. My pieces appear every Sunday. It’s challenging but keeps my juices flowing. My editor, Rupert Wright is an Englishman who has a fine instinct for how to make a piece better without removing the ‘writerly’ voice. Here are the first few that appeared.

Cameron puts on a show of the best of British in India


Britain’s prime minister David Cameron was in India a few days ago and the contrast with other visiting leaders could not have been more obvious.

Canny advertisers are switched on to changing channels

Until recently, after a hard day at work or down the mall most people would come home, kick off their shoes and relax in front of the TV for the evening. The internet has changed all that.

Keep it simple to cook up that elusive buzz

Shoba Narayan: As somebody who has owned a restaurant in California, I can tell you one of the things most restaurateurs crave is that elusive thing called buzz.

A tourism clue in the craze over psychic critters

Paul the octopus, Mani the parrot and Harry the crocodile are more than prognosticators.

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