Self introductions

Today, we talked about how to introduce ourselves.  About half of the class got up on stage and introduced yourselves.  We all gave feedback on the introductions.  We talked about tone, body language, posture, and mirroring.  We assessed each other on eye contact, whether they took visual cues from the other person, and how engaging the conversation was.  We talked about balancing information about ourselves with asking questions about the other.

Questions for the class:

1. What did we miss?

2. Do you think non-verbal communication is as important as they say it is?

3. What about the use of region to connect with each other?

5. Interpersonal space: how close do you stand?

If any of you have any questions, please post it here.  I will be monitoring the site constantly and will respond.  This will also provide a record for the class.




  1. Can we make a general formula for your first conversation? I think It is very contextual in terms of purpose of introduction, place, occasion, do you know anything about the person etc etc…
    Recent example: Many of us met several unknown executives for the EPGP branding and placement. That time our purpose was to introduce EPGP and not to our self. I don’t remember I had same conversation with even exec even though the purpose and context was same……so far it worked….


  2. It is obvious that how you say matters rather than what you say? Non-verbal communication carries a lot of unsaid messages that can turn the conversation either way.

    But let me play the devils advocate. Non Verbal cues can be wrongly interpreted depending on the culture the person is coming from. The rentention of content (what is said) in the mind of the observer / listener is probably more than that of the non-verbal cues and also, I believe it is not very effective to influence a large audience and works magin on a smaller (individual) groups.


  3. I believe non verbal communication is more important when the interaction is for a shorter period. However once people get to know each other better, it may not be that significant. Since in this course we are talking about meeting strangers, it becomes very important.


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