Post Design Class Update

Today was a very satisfying class for me.  I felt like I was getting to know many of you better.  It is gratifying to work with an exceptionally bright and engaging group.

I have started assigning final projects.  I need help in figuring out how each of you can upload a powerpoint presentation to this blog since the idea is to share knowledge and add value to the group.  Anil? Help! Suppose Vandana or you wants to upload your final project to this blog, either as an essay, a powerpoint presentation or even a film animation, how does each person do it? What should I do?



  1. I could not attend last class for one interview scheduled at the same time. I understood from class that projects were allotted to the students in the class apart from discussion on design.
    As far as my interest are concerned, right from childhood, I have been very much involved in making portraits / paintings, Dancing (contemporary) and Playing Badminton. I have laurels in all three fields, so I can be fine with project on any of the fields.
    I don’t know who has been given what (as project topic). I need your help in finalising the project topic.



      1. Prof.

        Can we work out project for me? As I mentioned earlier, my interest are in the following:
        1. Sports: Badminton
        2. Making Portrait
        3. Contemporary Dance



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