EdelGive Social Innovation Honours

Last week, I attended an event that was very inspiring. I was part of a jury that judged about a dozen humanitarian organizations to figure out which ones to support. The whole thing was organized by Vidya Shah (wife of Edelweiss founder, Rashesh Shah), a lovely grounded woman from Dharwad. The others in the jury were Zia Mody (very irreverent and funny), Mala Ramadorai (wife of ex-TCS chairman Ramadorai) who has the sweet voice of the singer she is, Roopa Kudva of Crisil, a journalist, Kalpana Sharma, Chandra Iyengar (ex- Home Secretary, Maharashtra) who knew a lot about these NGOs, and Ashu Suyash of Fidelity. We really got into the groove, bantered a lot, teased the only guy in the room, Venkat Ramaswami, the CEO of Edelweiss and then stopped speechless as NGO after NGO came and presented to us. Highlights were Sunita Krishnan who was gangraped and now runs a rescue operation for young children forced into prostitution; wife of AIDS victims who have tested HIV+ and so many more. It was such a privilege to be in the same room with these people. Very uplifting

Business Standard carried the story here

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