Delhi Airport

Delhi airport’s new terminal has nice bathroom entrances. I always wonder how to make iconic signs both accessible and yet creative. Here in the airport, they have screen printed large size images of Indian women in traditional garb at the entrance to show which bathroom the women have to enter. Right next to her is a kurta clad man. I wonder if they have represented all the states and their distinctive attire– kerala’s mundu, punjab’s salwar kameez– and jewelry. typing this from a freely available outlet at the airport alongside three giggling nine-year-old who are thrilled to bits that they can play computer games ad nauseum. mummy and papa are allowing them, of course. it’s free, yaar. why not let them enjoy? love it.
going to try a foot refloxology and back massage at the O2 spa downstairs. am salivating over the moti mahal and dilli chaat stores. even haldirams has a nifty grab and go designer store selling bhujia sev. the smokers are corralled into a tiny chamber.

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