Website on Indian art

I came across this interesting website, Chitralakshana, that talks about Indian art.  Perhaps some of you may be interested in it.  Minal?


  1. Have Islamic fundamentalists derdaged muslim women such severely that they consider their chains their ornaments?Just like a pet-dog who seeks his leash aggressively every morning so that he can go for a walk.That’s the happiest moment of his day as he runs to his master, tail wagging furiously, the leash in his mouth.He jumps with joy when he’s tied with the leash.He loves his leash dearly… It’s of tremendous value to him.Does it free him, or bind him?Only that who has tasted real freedom away from the shackles of a leash know what it means.Any woman who has tasted that freedom will only have scorn for the burqah and hate for those who strive to hide her behind their archaic and oppressive customs.Thnak you for being so bold and free in this country where everyone seems so afraid to talk.


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