Design & Architecture

It seems like we are racing along.  I am enjoying all your presentations, and glad you are keeping it to ten minutes.  Design is a huge sub-culture for those of you who decide to get into it.  Meanwhile, here is a recap of our final presentations.

Our guest lecturer who will cover dining, cocktails, and table etiquette will not be able to make it on Monday, Feb. 13th.  Instead, they are coming on Monday, Feb. 20th.

So I am moving forward all your presentations.

Monday, Feb. 13th presentations: Ravi, Kaustubh, Shekhar, Sunil, Vikas, Jeffrey, Deepak, and Pranav.

Tuesday, Feb. 14th: Hari, Smita, Sudhanshu, Abhishek, Vivek, Gurmeet, Yogesh and Harish

Monday, Feb. 20th: External presentation.

Tuesday, Feb. 21st: Last class.  Amit, Agnel, Sabibrata, Ashwin, Himanshu, Suresh, Karthik, Amit Arora.

Anyone else? Please sign up.