Monsoon Diary

I wanted to check if Monsoon Diary was fully available on Google Books for free.  So when I googled my name on Google Books, I didn’t find Monsoon Diary, but the following sites.

  1. Jones RoysterRebecca G. Taylor – 2002 – 610 pages – Snippet view

    How has language change been related to broader changes in social attitudes and public policy? Does language make a difference in the identities and lives of children like Jamie? How? Why? The God of Small Feasts Shoba Narayan Shoba 

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  2. Greene – 1999 – 304 pages – Snippet view

    SHOBA NARAYAN Vassage to Kerala onkeys lay spread-eagled in muddy wayside pools and ravens took refuge under drooping jacarandas. It was a sweltering summer’s day in southern Kerala. We were speeding along a narrow coastal road, 

    More editions Add to My Library▼ FawcettSusan Fawcett – 2005 – 448 pages – Snippet view

    Try Talking to Neighbors, Lauren Mehler, 377 In This Arranged Marriage, Love Came Later, Shoba Narayan, 417 Montgomery, Alabama, 1955, Rosa Parks, 403 The Hidden Life of Bottled Water, Lisa Gross, 420 The Importance of Childhood 

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    Essential Oils A beginner’s guide to the tastiest, healthiest cooking oils. BY SHOBA NARAYAN  NARAYAN.

    More editions Add to My Library▼ Hughes – 2003 – 368 pages – Preview

    «8» Excerpt from Monsoon Diary by Shoba Narayan. Copyright © 2003 by Shoba Narayan. Used by permission of Vil- lard Books, a division of Random House, Inc. + “Fair Shares for All” by John Haney. Copyright © 2002 by John Haney.

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    1. Browne – 2009 – 170 pages – Preview

      .com), Shoba Narayan writes that the gods venerated by the Hindus include many goddesses. She describes four of the most important ones: Durga, the brave goddess who rode on a tiger and vanquished her foes; Kali, the fierce goddess who

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    1. T. McWhorter – 2006 – 655 pages – Snippet view

      Hispanic Americans: A Crowing Market Segment, Michael R. Solomon (Chapter 1 7) 460 In This Arranged Marriage, Love Came Later, Shoba Narayan (Multicultural Reader) 488 Last Rites for the Indian Dead, Suzan Shown Harjo (Multicultural 

      More editions Add to My Library▼ O’Connor – 2011 – 723 pages – Preview

    Shoba Narayan also grew up in India, surrounded by memorable food, as she narrates in Monsoon Diary: A Memoir with Recipes. Kwan, Michael David (1934-2001 ) Things That Must Not Be F orgotten:A Childhood in Wartime China. Soho, 2001.

    Add to My Library▼ Steigerwald – 2004 – 257 pages – Preview

    38 Or consider the experience of a more Westernized, less dutiful daughter, Shoba Narayan, who described herself to readers of New Woman magazine as a ” rabble-rousing feminist.” After five years of college in 

    More editions Add to My Library▼ ArlovPamela Arlov – 2006 – 555 pages – Snippet view

    Shoba Narayan 531 Barbie Madness, Cynthia Tucker 464 American Space, Chinese Place, Yi-Fu Tuan 505 Narration Action Hero, Rulon Openshaw 443 Civil Rites, Caroline Miller 515 Music: A Universal Language, Candace Dyer 536 I Wonder: Was It 

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