Mendelssohn Violin Concerto

I like music I can hum to.  I first heard this piece in Boston and have been humming it ever since.  It is Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto and to my mind, one of the most beautiful works of music…ever.  Listening to something like this and the chords it touches inside your heart and soul makes the wordsmith in me despair.  How can mere words touch the soul like the way this music can? The opening piercing strains of the solo violin can make you weep, if you are open to it.  So many soloists have attempted it, but here is a current favorite that I am listening to as I write this.  Ah, those Chinese musicians.  Talk about rigour.

Sarah Chang and Kurt Masur playing Mendelssohn in my “hometown” with an orchestra that I used to watch rehearse at Lincoln Center.  Ah, New York!

A beautiful beautiful pathos-laden piece somewhat like Raga Shubha Pantuvarali.  



  1. I watched the 9.56 minute video on this and must thank you for this one. Eventhough I did not understand a bit of it, very melodious indeed. It touched my heart. My mother told me that music has no language and you need to admire the melody in it. Yes. I do.


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