Return to India


I have been following r2iclubforums for years and years.  I have written about this forum in my book, Return to India.

When I posted in the forum recently to publicize my book, the organizers came back to me with a barter arrangement.  They would help publicize my book and I would help publicize the forum.  There is no legal agreement or fee from either party.  It is a shared cause that we both believe in.

This made eminent sense because it is both transparent and useful.  For anyone who is caught in the r2i dilemma, I highly recommend this forum as a place to engage in.  There are countless people who are going through the angst and dilemma and therefore, you feel that you are not alone; that people understand what you are going through; and that there is a community of people with shared goals.

Having such a community is invaluable when you are doing something that you think is contrarian.  For that reason, I recommend r2iclubforums as a place to visit.  And I thank them for publicizing my book.  The link to the website is below.



  1. Not a bad deal, Shobha. The barter worked – have enrolled as a member – thanks.
    regarding your book – I have a downloaded version of the earlier version of the book from one of the u’varsity websites -was it MIT – I can’t recall but have recommended it to many people and my own family to read it … when I am in India I’ll buy the book too – I guess the book is much detailed version of the earlier monograph that was in the U’varisy website. Kind Regards. Raghava.


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