Krsma Estates Sauvignon Blanc


Krsma Estates sent over a sample of their 2012 sauvignon blanc. Produced in Hampi Hills, this wine is not yet available in the market. Its producers, Uma and Krishna Chigurupati were featured in Mint’s power couples issue. In the same issue, I had written about wine and food pairings, which is why– I think– their office wrote and asked if they could send over some wine.

When I first opened the bottle, the wine was a tad too sharp and acidic for my taste. The color was pale to straw colored, typical of a Sauv blanc. It was minerally and had that grassy, herbaceous quality. The problem was that all these flavors stood apart too much. They were not rounded enough. I felt like I should give the bottle a good shake. You know what worked? I opened the bottle, kept it in the frig and tasted a little each day. Still too sharp. But by day 3, the flavors had bloomed and did that little dance that they do. It was a lovely wine. I would open the bottle, and decant for a while (chill if possible in a decanter in the frig) unless you have those fancy chilling wine to the perfect temperature type gadgets, and then drink.

What bothered me was that there was no mention of the alcohol content. I am trying to drink wines below 13% alcohol and the fact that this wasn’t labelled bugged me.

I think this will soon become available in the market. Thank you, Krsma Estates