1. Beautifully done!
    But I was sad to see no mention of S.Muthiah of Madras Musings.
    Without his writings, many like me would not even know enough about our old hometown to put up a fight against the vocal Bombayites or Calcuttans (is that what they are called?)


  2. Humm… this is a nice article and surely brings back good memories of the old city. But I did a quick search and found that you have written very very similar articles on Chennai about every other year. The filter coffee, the silk sarees, the temples, the “old and new” Madras, “Kolaveri” (mentioned 3 times) etc etc. As much as I like your writing I hope you don’t end up into the “crutch” of Chennai (like Jhumpa Lahiri and her Bengali-scholar-in-Boston or Bengali-aunty-in-Bengal or Bengali-immigrant-in-Bengali restaurant)…. I for one would love to see your articles like how you develop a point of view about a new place. Readers develop an attachment to a writer for the writer’s point of view (e.g. Kipling or Coetzee or Naipaul or Aravind Adiga) – and I am deeply interested to see Chapter 3 of your evolution….


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