1. Thought provoking article. Though I can’t say I agree with the definition of autobiography v memoir. In fact most dictionaries define the two terms equivalently. “Auto” in autobiography really means the writer is writing an account of their life according to their memory.

    One more thing, the explanation Dani gives for omitting her marriage (i.e. “would have confused the reader”) is a total non-sequitur. Memoirs/autobiographies are always about situations and choices and decisions which are mostly imperfect. Like dreams they are meant to be “interpreted” but not judged. In any case readers would look to other material (not just her marriage) to form an opinion about her life and work.

    It is interesting that some Western authors choose to censor or throttle their own work for the unjustified fear of misguiding their readers. The truly great [memoir] writers – Coetzee and Steinbeck and Toni Morrison – are equally sure of themselves and their craft. They know that the truth is the triumphant reality. Everything else is just so. So-so.


      1. The diineitfon “secular” is not my diineitfon. It’s the diineitfon of a culture that still considers faith in a god to be the default, and therefore needs to tag asOther” anything that deviates from that default. And since we’re living in a Jewish state, that default defaults (::snort::) to Judaism.I am an atheist. I am only “secular” in the same way that gay people are “sick” to homophobes. Your question is like the one of the aforementioned homophobes asking a gay person “why are you sick.”


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