1. Dear Shoba
    I have read your travel experiences in Singapore including a whirlwind one (over 2 days or something like that?). So, I guess you are looking for something different . I happened to read an article on a (failed) hunt for a bungalow in Singapore sometime back – just cant remember the issue. But I came across this post –

    Some things on my bucket list in Singapore:
    Evening tea with scones at Raffles
    Eating orgy at food court in Takashimaya interspersed with (window) shopping at Orchard street
    Travel to Johar Bahru in Malaysia by public bus from Singapore – spend a day there and come back (last time we did this, we took a taxi and was suddenly transported to a different world)
    Spend the evening at the Clark Quay
    I am not a fan but Universal studios seems to be a big hit now.

    Some things I will never do in Singapore:
    Go to saravana bhavan or komala vilas
    Go to mustafa

    Have fun:>


  2. Several fountains in heart of downtown. One that operates every hour apart inside a commercial complex..sight to see as water jets out from a large ring..
    Night show at the Marina bay sands on the water ..its laser projection on a water screen..best part you take it in from the boardwalk and its free.
    Santosa is a theme park with its own asian twist..from tropical gardens to large water sluices running along a decked out serpent..
    Going from US we could not get enough of roadside roti canai and komala vilas in little india nbhood..


  3. Apart from the usual sightseeing and touristic stuff, please do visit the “hawker centers”. To me they have the best variety of food in the whole wide world. Actually, if you look up Anthony Bourdain’s Layover, he has an episode in Singapore, where he goes to some pretty cool locations as well …


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