1. Of course Shoba! Jayalalitha proved she had the balls to do just about anything when she threw Karunanidhi in prison. Same with Mamata Banerjee (Railway Minister deal) or Mayawati (vs Mulayam in Taj Corridor case). Indira Gandhi has guts of steel to have been able to send the Army into the Golden Temple (inspite of knowing her life would be in danger forever). All these women in power were/are absolutely determined to keep power at any cost. These are just Indian examples. Every madam in every brothel in the world has total power over her girls since the moment the young virgins enter the damned place. This madam brokers the girls, lubricates the local cops and politicos and slyly puts other madams out of business. (Sorry if this is a bad example on this blog but its da truth.)
    Women have b-lls to do anything they want, corrupt or illegal or anarchist…


  2. That quote `Power corrupts’ isn’t as `vacuous’ as you put it… It does have substance. Men have it in their DNA to take risks. Like they say “it’s always difficult to write the second book because you’ve to excel yourself”… In their efforts to outshine themselves or others, a little chutzpah gets its pride of place as they think it could result in disproportionate upside for the enterprise as a whole – something like how Microsoft made customers pay for tagged along IE browser even as they had ordered just Windows OS or how Herb Kelleher, former CEO of South West Airlines offset the losses made on its LCC operations against its profits from oil futures contracts….! And when they do get caught, they end up being Vijay Mallyas of the world, dodging taxes and busting banks with their huge exposures…!! It’s easier to question why should one do something unethical at all even if that promises disproportionate upside – but then not many of us get at the real top to know what it is exactly like to play real fast and real loose… And of course we can despise them but not without that envious or even vengeful grudge deep inside for how they lived their life up until that moment they got caught…

    Women are far better tempered. They stretch their stay at the top as long as they could out of the sheer notion that that’s as far as they could go. Or rather, on the negative conviction that they will go no further no matter what.. That may sound safe and ethical, but the magnitude of hope and expectation riding on CEOs and Heads of Governments always makes allowances for some minor transgressions so long as they aim at a significantly larger public good – driving home the old saying “Ships are safest in the harbor, but is that what they are meant for…?”

    That leaves the question often faced by the CEOs – is it better to be 100% risk-averse and 100% ethical with no guaranteed upside or 99% risk-averse and 99% ethical with a 99% gurantee of a 500% upside…? Angela merkel chose the former, forced EU to impose austerity across EU members and the whole world is paying the price for a Euro crunch…Let alone others, is that what even Germany wants…?


      1. You ask “Do Men have that…?”

        Gender has nothing to do with it. ( and I am no anti-feminist ) The more pertinent question would be whether the grudger is in the same league as the grudged. No point in envying a Warren Buffet if you drool over 8% returns that you earn from your PPF.


  3. DaNoosh is back!
    Women are equally corrupt. From Kaikeyi to Manthara to Cleopatra to Delilah to .. the Wicked Witch of the West, women will use every womanly wile to secure their objective. Women in power you have quoted Sonia Gandhi but not Indira Gandhi or Jayalalitha or Mayawati or Imelda Marcos or Mary of Scots.. you’re right they have not sullied they have destroyed the reputation of their office itself. Verdict on Sonia Gandhi is not in yet – but someone who stands by and lets huge crap like 3G etc go on is surely not doodh-ki-dhuli. Let’s also not forget behind the Rajaratnam scandal there was also a Danielle Chiesi (famous slut-to-success icon) and behind Eliot Spitzer there was a Madam Davis who masked the supply of women. Every prostitution house has a madam in charge of procuring, “breaking in” and then brokering younger women for money. What can be said about such women … who instead of getting out of the profession still remain in it and lure young girls into a life of disease and disrepute. Women, clean up corruption in your own gender before anything else.
    Corruption is universal whether it is the havaldar who lets you off or a madam who gets you off.


    1. I thought of Indira Gandhi and the emergency, DaNoosh. But don’t know enough about it. I am not talking about slut-to-success (God I hate that phrase). I am talking of traditional misuse of power a la Jayalalithaa. That takes balls, excuse the expression. Do women in power have that?


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