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  1. Shoba, you want ideas, we are here for you girl !! RG, Vinay, NS … can we get 1-2 ideas apiece??
    Here are mine:
    (1) Poll your kids (both girls, yes?) What do they want in life? How is it different from what you wanted?
    (2) Your gals grew up abroad, how do they feel about India? Will they become better ABCDs?
    (3) I saw something about Singapore in your writing… The GMD (Great Marriage Debate) is still fresh with, now, new incentives for kid # 2. Feminists up in arms, why should I jump into bed with the nearest guy to produce a kid for the betterment of Singapore? Prop 8 point of view.
    (4) Since you are a foodie — Bangalore restaurant review. Last I visited I found the restaurant scene greatly stratified – the staples (MTR, BBQnation), the old glories and the wannabe nuveaux …


  2. Shoba, nice article, I confess my ignorance here.. what exactly is khadi? I did some basic searches and found there is khadi cotton or wool or silk. So “hand woven” is khadi? I saw a youtube of hand spinning. It looks like it produces coarser fabric because the hand-weaving pulls the yarn non-uniformly. I guess it made sense in the 30s and 40s because there were only simple implements available and khadi simultaneously provided a livelihood for the masses and solved the clothing problem. Are khadi clothes / outerwear more resilient because of coarseness? Can they displace, say, leather gloves or coats? What else can it do?


    1. Hand woven, handspun is khadi. Not more resilient than wool for outerwear vinay. no chance of displacing wool or leather. People like it because it is a truly natural fiber with an identity/story behind it as the freedom fabric. It also gets softer with every wash. I buy it because of the story every though mulmul is softer. Khadi Bhandars in India are a good place to start buying them. Thanks.


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