Song on Saraswati

This song was taught to me by Kavita Arudra. I have been playing around with Garageband and Soundcloud. Recorded this using Garageband. It is in the Raag Sohini (Hamsanandhi in Carnatic).


4 thoughts on “Song on Saraswati

  1. One more thing, Shoba – just wanted to let you know that Ustad Rashid Khan’s rendition of Sohini is heavenly. It is available on Youtube.



  2. Hi Shoba,

    Just heard your rendition of Raag Sohini. You are awesome. I am currently doing Raag Madhuvanti, which is a Raag that I love.

    I never knew that we could record ourselves using Garageband and Soundcloud. Thanks for sharing this information.

    I am also building my site and am taking some tips from your site, if you don’t mind. Will keep in touch.

    Jayanthi Sankaran


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