Return to India


A piece that came out in Femina a while ago about Return to India. Did I post it before. I did a search on ‘Femina’ in this blog and couldn’t find it. Here it is


dear shoba
how are you? here we are getting on as usual. first let us congratulate you shoba for the article that has been written by you and published in FEMINA. have you been given a copy? the library man gave the issue only now and hence we are attaching it for you and the other family members to see in case nobody has seen it,keep up the good work shoba and may there be many more such achivements for you! with my love and fondest blessings to you all


    1. Thanks, I enjoyed your blog. I also agree about Oothukadu. I wish there was a website that has all his songs. Maybe you can point me to one? Or create one? I am learning Hiranmayim Lakshmeem (self learning by listening to Ranjani Gayathri version and also this Nithyasree one).


  1. The “fear” comment was me, Naina, wow you are very observant. My comment is here: here.

    This article rings true on every count. I think someone made similar comments here about the gradual erosion of self worth and the resulting desire to move back to familiar roots.

    That said I think after marriage one’s whole view of life changes and a set of previously unknown, previously unimportant priorities do start to come up. So the choice of career vs family etc takes on a very different flavor altogether.

    Beautiful article.



  2. Hmm.. I am not sure I agree with “don’t compromise before you need to”. Does this mean women inevitably have to compromise, end up compromising in some way???? I am also not sure I agree with the “guns and pedophilia” part: it is probably tracked more closely in the USA but as the Delhi rape has shown us, there are equally horrific threats in India. Interesting that your book does not capture your sky high fears … in fact as I recall someone on the board here made a comment to that effect …

    I think the first compromise women make is with themselves when they choose their career. This probably reflects the lack of proper guidance. Students are told to “study the subject you like” which is fine, but without the underlying “aim high and achieve high” it is very dangerous advice. Hordes of BA/BCom/BSc graduates enter the world and start at the bottom where the progress curve is invariably steeper and has more cutoff points – the walking cliche. Where you make the cut matters. High value work requires high education and high skill. OK perhaps some MBA/s etc choose to suspend their careers but I suppose it is easier to resume later rather than go back to school later in life.

    Anyway to each their own I suppose..


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