New book.

Delighted to announce that my editor’s new book is coming out soon.

It’s called “Mom in the City” by Kausalya Saptharishi. Please buy, one and all, in large quantities and gift to friends and family.
Thank you.
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Mint columnist, Natasha Badhwar, has this to say about the book:

Iravati Krishna’s inner dialogue and her dilemmas will sound uncannily familiar to every reader. As she expertly hopscotches over her fears and vulnerability, Ira’s adventures hook the reader to root for her too. Humour and imagination, a little help from one’s wacky friends, and a toddler looking up to her…what else does a Mom in the City need to recover her spunk, really.

Kausalya Saptharishi’s characters are so recognizable, I found myself giving them names from my own life. She expertly weaves in the conflicts, dichotomies and charm of urban Indian life into this story of a young mother who reinvents herself on her own terms.
– NATASHA BADHWAR (Mint columnist and popular blogger)