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Listening to Ann Patchett’s “storytelling” interview on Fresh Air with Teri Gross. Doing a storytelling lecture for a friend’s firm in a couple of weeks so prepping. Listening to Flamenco mixed with Bhimsen Joshi’s Mian ki Malhar on iTunes Radio– available in India, who would have thought? Drinking a fresh New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and an equally good Indian sauvignon blanc by KRSMA wines– again, who would have thought the day would come to compare these wines?

Reading “A life in three octaves– the musical journey of Gangubai Hangal.” Which has made me interested in Veena Dhanammal. These were ‘devadasi” women or courtesans who advanced and advocated music. Women of substance. Sitting across my Malu studying physics for her exams. She has just switched my iPhone docked in Bose to Hindi music.

The music program with Chitra went off well. Youtube clip here.

We hope to take this gig on the road!!


  1. I was recently reading the book by the mathematician Hardy. He talks about two kinds of people, those who make things and those who comment on things. A famous critic and scholar argued like this:

    Whether the faculty of literary (“artistic”) criticism is the best
    gift that Heaven has in its treasures, I cannot say; but
    Heaven seems to think so, for assuredly it is the gift
    most charily bestowed. Orators and poets…, if rare in
    comparison with blackberries, are commoner than returns
    of Halley’s comet: literary critics are less common

    Sadly he was wrong. In today’s age there are probably as many teeming artists as teeming art critics and, it appears, a whole host of people who spend a couple hours with Google Aunty and emerge “literati”, “a critic”, “a raconteur” and whatever else.

    Hardy went on to write: “there is no scorn more profound, or on
    the whole more justifiable, than that of the men who make for the
    men who explain. Exposition, criticism, appreciation, is work for
    second-rate minds.”

    The other critic was, however, right about one thing. Artists and critics these days are fewer in number than Blackberries!


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