Travel Writing

FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid

Copa Del Ray
It’s the eve of the Indian election results and all my friends are doing a variety of things to keep themselves distracted from this nailbiting finish. I decided to sort through my photo library and discovered some photos of a recent trip to Barcelona– that offered a different version of a nail-biting finish.

The highlight of the trip was Copa Del Ray or the King’s Cup finals at Valencia between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. It was the best sporting event that I have ever witnessed. I have watched football and basketball games at Madison Square Garden; watch tennis at the various Opens; cricket in South Africa and India; and the odd Kabaddi match in my neighborhood. Nothing, but nothing compared to this. Nothing came close. The energy in the stadium, the passionate fans, the charismatic players who ran up to the stands and ordered us to clap some more. By the end of the evening, we knew all the chants. In Spanish. Here are the photos of that amazing night.












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