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Oudh and frankincense are scents of the day.

Here is a story that appeared in Qantas magazine, Australia.

Thank you, Stanley Pinto for organizing a superb trip to Muscat. And hustling all of us energetic tourists and members of the Bangalore Black Tie into some semblance of organization.
And thank you, Shawqi Sultan and Saleh Talib for showing us an insider’s view of your lovely city, has only Epicureans can.
Here are some favorite photos of that memorable trip.






And thank you, Elisabeth, for being my fragrance friend. I miss you!

Perfume Oman


  1. Oman is such a magical place…and Frankincense is such a mystical perfume that comes from Oman. But if my memory serves me right I remember Pradip Krishen mentioned in his book ” Trees of Delhi’ that a few trees of Frankincese were found in Mangarbani Sacred grove in Faridabad… whatever happened to them after all the development is not known. After reading this post I am tempted to go and find them ….


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