Food Writing

My first Mint video

I was trying to channel Peter Jennings but I really want to channel Gini Moos of CNN.  Will be doing more.  Looking forward to it.

I recorded this in Bangalore, forwarded MP3 to Delhi where they mixed it in.  Finally, getting back to broadcast journalism which I studied at Columbia University.


  1. Hi Shoba madam,

    I am an engineering graduate. i have a passion towards journalism. i could not shine in my engineering career since my passion is towards journalism.
    i am the only earning person in my family so i cannot quit my current job. Is there any way to shift my career in journalism by studying journalism courses in distance education. will leading media or newspapers will offer job for distance education in journalism courses.Kindly help me


    1. Hi Raghu: Why don’t you start a blog? It is like a resume for journalists. Put everything you write on that blog. Simultaneously, start “pitching” newspapers and magazines– send them your articles. See if they will accept. That is the way to go.


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