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Krishna, Rabdi and ladoos in Jaipur

Jaipur is a magical city.  The colors, the food, the peacock calls…. latest installment of my food series here in Mint on Sunday

Don’t miss the “bombaat” video of the women singing.


  1. It’s pretty interesting write up, with correct information and presented in easy to read fluent style. most of these Krishna temples in Jaipur are different from other temples in north India. thanks for posting it here.


  2. The article is simply amazing, spell binding and informative one as always. It was like a rich dish with a correct blend of travel and religion with generous dollops of mysticism if I may say so and introspection with the Ralph Waldo Emerson piece. Interestingly, the culture of our amazing country is unique, yet has a common thread. The definitely bombatt video of women singing and lost in the lord transported me to a similar situation I used to encounter in Kashi Mutt during the mid-afternoon pooja of Vyasa Raghupathi, where a bunch of women start off with a series of bhajans that can definitely transport you to a different realm.

    I loved and laughed the part of swinging in rock concert. I really wonder what would the kids say if they were to encounter a group of women who enter into a different domain (not just hallucination) as can be found in Sarpa Kavu /Pamban Kavu celebrations in Kerala. The singing of Bhajans in Jaipur or in front of the Vyasa Raghupati in Kashi Mutt or the chanda-tala-Thayambaka combination found in Kerala temples or the group of swamis who play the Thavil all the way upto sabarimala (where I will be puffing and panting) show that music is definitely an easier and universal medium to connect with the almighty.

    India never ceases to amaze me..


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