Indian Wine Podcast

I love wine.  I drink wine.  So hosting a podcast seems like a natural way forward.

Ergo, the Indian Wine Podcast

Indian Wine Podcast is hosted by Shoba Narayan.

In which she talks to wine lovers mostly based in India, or of Indian origin about wine, tasting, terroir, vintage, and everything in between.

This podcast is a great way for wine and spirits brands who wish to enter India to learn about Indian consumer behavior.  The people interviewed in this podcast are passionate about wine.

  • Learn about what they buy, what they like and the wines they invest in.
  • Learn about the wine clubs that populate India.
  • Learn about the milieu in which wine is drunk.
  • About Indian food and pairing it with wine.
  • Listen to food & beverage professionals discuss the ethos of the wine community.

This podcast is also a great way for Indian wine lovers to learn about others in their community.  The men and women interviewed here know their wines and its nuances.  Listen to wine geeks and learn about tasting and terroir.