I do a few things: all of which have to do with writing.

  • I am a columnist for HT Brunch. Have been a columnist for Mint Lounge and The National.
  • I write books. Have written four books and two on the way.
  • I love textiles and founded Project LooM, a website that showcases India’s handloom clusters.
  • I do podcasts about Sanskrit, birds and wine.
  • I am fascinated by Indian aesthetics, food and wine.
  • I am currently learning French, Kannada and Hindi.
  • I am an enthusiastic if poor dancer.
  • I try to get fit without exercising and lose weight without dieting

Below is my official bio in third person for you to use.

Short Bio: under 100 words

Shoba Narayan is the author of four books.  She has been a journalist and columnist for 25 years, writing for a number of national and international publications.  She has written about travel, food, wine, culture, crafts and philanthropy, and has won a James Beard Award for her food writing.  She has taught and lectured at universities. She founded and co-created a website called Project LooM, which documents the weaving traditions of India. She is a birdwatcher, wine-drinker and gadget geek. Her lifelong mission is to get fit without exercising and lose weight without dieting. 

Long Bio:

Shoba Narayan is an award-winning author and columnist. She is the author of four books available here.

The Milk Lady of Bangalore: an unexpected adventure
Katha: Tell a Story; Sell a Dream (the Art of Corporate Storytelling)
Monsoon Diary: a memoir with recipes
Return to India: an immigrant memoir.

She graduated from the Columbia Journalism School which awarded her a Pulitzer Fellowship; and is an alumnus of Mount Holyoke College and Women’s Christian College.

She writes about food, travel, fashion, art and culture for many publications. They include the New York Times,  Condé Nast TravelerThe NationalFinancial TimesDestinasianThe Atlantic, GourmetTimeQuartz, and a number of airline publications among others. In the past, she has written for the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Knowledge@Wharton, and other publications.

She has been a columnist for Mint, an Indian business daily, and for The National, based in Abu Dhabi.  She write a bi-weekly column for Hindustan Times Brunch magazine.

She has also done radio work for NPR as commentator and Radio New Zealand as its overseas correspondent.  Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie decided that Shoba was eccentric enough to be a character and featured her in five episodes– trailer here.

She has taught at IIM-Bangalore and the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

She serves as a trustee on the board of Neev Academy and Industree Foundation.

Besides writing, she watches birds, quaffs wine, visits restaurants and enjoys gadgets.  She loves the work of Carl Jung and is interested in dance, somatic therapies and holistic health.  Her lifelong mission is to get fit without exercising and lose weight without dieting.

More photos available here.

Bio in Google Docs here

9 replies to About
  1. Hi Shoba, nice to connect with you. I read your piece about Tai Chi and wanted to ask: are you still practicing with your female teacher in China? I have an interest in taking a trip to learn more. FYI, I am currently in the U.S. in North Carolina. I am a certified yoga teacher in the Anusara style, but I don’t really resonate that well with yoga. For me, I find the work with energy in Tai Chi more conscious and flowing. Similar to yoga, I am not interested in a male teacher with domination issues. I think that Tai Chi has the potential to teach the ability to work with power in a peaceful manner. If it feels appropriate, I would be happy to learn about your teacher and perhaps take a trip!!
    Warmest regards, Orianna


  2. Hello! Shoba
    I picked up your Memoir at VANA and I really enjoyed it. It was fun reading about your childhood while in India. I was very surprised when it said you went to Mt. Holyoke. I did too! Also, when you said the graduation speaker was Maya Angelou. I graduated in 1983! What year were you? I am still traveling for the summer but I live in Boston and Bermuda and Paris and I plan to make some of your recipes. It would be a pleasure to meet you if you are in Boston at any point. I am American but have been living in Bermuda and Europe for many years . I believe you are back in India with your family now? My husband and I spent 3 weeks at Vana this July. What a nice spot and the staff are all excellent. I would love to know about any MHC events you are involved with as well. Very best as your book made my stay perfect. I started another one but as it was from the library there I had to leave it behind. When I return to Boston I will order it on Amazon. Take care, Lisa


  3. Hello shoba,
    I Am Lalitha from Tamil Nadu, i read your book “return to India” was really awesome. well ! i have chose it as my assignment for Immigrant literature. being literature student i would like to see your Family Picture. if possible please show me…..


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