Nepal Safari Lodge for T+L

A piece I wrote about the amazing Chitwan and Taj Safaris for Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia. The Great Game a stylish new safari lodge on the edge of chitwan national Park is raising the hospitality bar and bringing eco-tourism back to nepal. by Shoba NarayaN Beyond/Back Story 10bynd_backstoryThis issue’s contributors

Use your commute

24 September 2016 | E-Paper Sections Home » Leisure » The Better Life Last Modified: Thu, Sep 22 2016. 04 40 PM IST Work out during your commute Engaging your core while in the car, bus or autorickshaw is simple. All you need to do is make sure that your back doesn’t lean against the […]

The Better Life

I am thrilled to start a new column called “The Better Life.” The piece below explains everything. How to get fit without exercising and other such shortcuts Simple things like stretching while waiting for the coffee to brew—and some a bit more complex grounded in psychology and science—but all easily do-able We live in the […]

Marrying my cellphone.

Loved writing (and rewriting) this column, mostly to get the word play right.  Thanks to the husband for supplying the line, “At least the phone is smart.” 07 July 2016 | E-Paper Home » Leisure » The Good Life Last Modified: Wed, Jul 06 2016. 02 32 PM IST Getting married to your phone Our […]

An NGO in Bangalore

To think I heard about Reap Benefit from Amy Serafin, an editor in America.  Small world 4TH EDITION WHAT IS #IMPACTJOURNALISM? ALL PROJECTS MEDIA PARTNERS NEWS IMPACT ABOUT US READ YOUR STORIES Discover the best IJD stories from all over the world SPARKNEWS – EDUCATION GO BACK TO STORIES SHARE ON FACEBOOK SHARE ON TWITTER […]