Poetry reading.

If any of you are in Bangalore tomorrow, I am moderating a poetry reading by Athena Kashyap. Please come. I am fascinated by poetry: the musicality of it; how to make words sing; how to condense thought. So I thought I would engage Athena in a discussion about the whys and how of poetry writing. […]


There are three kinds of friendships. One group is your history. These are people you grew up with; people who are family friends and people who you kinda take for granted. I have a bunch of friends like this– mostly in Chennai. My neighbors, school and college friends. My neighbor, Sumathi-akka for instance, is a […]

Pho-bidden Fruit

My French neighbour has introduced me to some of the coolest places in Bangalore. Is there something wrong with this picture, or is it just how it is? Expats come to Bangalore and discover the city in a way that many of us who have lived here for years don’t. I have never been to […]