Travelling with Parents Part 2

A fallen walking stick and a wheelchair can change all perspectives

My father dropped his walking stick into a railway track right after he got photographed with Narendra Modi. The wax version of course, at the Madame Tussauds in Sentosa Island.

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Eating butter chicken at 32,000 feet

When I decided to take my parents on a holiday last month, I didn’t know where we would go, what we would do, or how I would handle their fragile health. But I knew one thing: my folks were going to fly business class.

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Are you a texter or a talker?

I guess we text with some and talk with some, but this business of going to great lengths not to make a phone call seems a bit much.  Perhaps I should actually make phone calls to unsuspecting friends and try to have a conversation.  Here is my piece in today’s Brunch

The youth of today will go to extraordinary lengths not to have a conversation 

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Wine: 100 Point Dinner

Dining with the perfect wine An amateur taster’s notes from the 100-Point dinner in Bengaluru, which featured some top-reviewed wines Last Published: Sat, Jun 23 2018. 12 49 PM IST Shoba Narayan The Wine Connoisseurs at the 100-Point dinner. Photos: The Wine Connoisseurs (TWC)   The first wine of the evening is a 2010 vintage M…

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The Craziness of Vacation planning

This is happening right now in many Indian families.  The NRIs want to plan months in advance and the Indians cannot even plan the next week.  It all depends on whether the plumber shows up 🙂 We aren’t a commitment phobic people.  We are just interdependent on multiple moving parts.
In the Abilene Paradox, a group does something that nobody wants to do because each person thinks that everyone else wants to do it!

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Summer pleasures

Come summer and I think of the time my grandmother and I got drunk together. Our libation was the sap of the palmyra tree and it appeared like clockwork this time of year. Called padaneer in Tamil and neera up North, this sap of the Borassus flabellifer tree tasted of jaggery, coconut, and water. The men who sold it to us insisted that it had “no kick,” but was full of “strength and vitamins.”

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