Of all the figures in India’s freedom struggle, Nehru and Sarojini Naidu fascinate me. The mixture of their pragmatism and romanticism…fighting internal demons that came from being born in privilege and wealth. As Manish Sabharwal’s fantastic essay appearing aptly on Children’s Day shows, Nehru wrote beautifully as well. Read it here.

Choose Pleasure

Something that I’ve been debating about with very productive friends Choose pleasure over productivity There is a virtual explosion of “productivity” lists on the Internet. You know the kind: 10 ways to make your life more productive; nine habits to ditch if you want to squeeze the most from the first hour of the day; […]

Planet Earth: vast and humbling

My rant about how large Planet Earth is; and about the hubris of our species. Sometimes, humans have no clue. Wrote it last night. Out today. The pleasure of web-zines is their immediacy. Reads better in here LESSON FROM MALAYSIAN AIRLINES Superstition about travel may be gone—but our respect of it shouldn’t By Shoba […]