Dance in the FT

Last updated: October 6, 2012 12:09 am Take on tradition By Shoba Narayan Akram Khan was ostracised when he first brought contemporary dance to India. Now, he’s treated like a rock star ©Richard HoughtonCrossover: Akram Khan in ‘Gnosis’ on his recent tour of India Akram Khan, one of Britain’s favourite and finest contemporary dancers, is back […]

Bangalore Art Scene

A piece in FT here

Moynat for FT

I love niche products that nobody has heard of.  Moynat fits the bill.  It retails only in Paris for now, and very few people have heard of this brand.  Below is a piece I wrote about Moynat for Financial Times which ran during Paris Fashion Week. Moynat for FT: this is the edited version on the […]

Saris from Paris

About the Hermes Sari.  Appearing here in the Financial Times Weekend fashion pages and pasted below. January 13, 2012 10:05 pm Saris from Paris? By Shoba Narayan French label Hermès has launched a take on the traditional garment and sparked controversy among local designers in India Saris by Hermès At his flagship Calcutta store, fashion […]

New Zealand Food Tour for FT

Articles > Newspapers > Financial Times > New Zealand Food Tour New Zealand Food Tour – By Shoba Narayan (This article originally appeared in May 2005) For being such an isolated faraway country, New Zealand is a veritable culinary cornucopia. There are olives for the pressing, berries for the picking and wines for the sampling […]

Asian Fusion for FT

Articles > Newspapers > Financial Times > Asian Fusion Asian Fusion – By Shoba Narayan (This article originally appeared in January 2003) Asian fusion in all but name Shoba Narayan finds a Singapore four that can blend with the best site; Jan 23, 2004 Asian Fusion has become a bad word in Singapore’s culinary […]