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Subscribes to the rule that comments are often more interesting than the piece itself. From the NYT website here. 36 Comments Share your thoughts. ALLREADER PICKS Oldest Write a Comment AChicago Verified I’ll say this in the nicest way I can: this constant pressure is wrong. I can’t care if it’s cultural. Sometimes what is […]

Motherlode piece about girls

I wrote and rewrote this piece because it is a topic that I feel passionate about. Women are consensus seekers by nature and often, these voices paralyze action. August 30, 2013, 11:14 am 10 Comments For Girls in India, the Pressure to Conform Comes From Family By SHOBA NARAYAN I recently watched the remarkable Malala […]

New York Times: Motherlode: Bihar

As a columnist, I don’t get the high of newsrooms very often. But this was one instance where it worked. My editor at the New York Times and I were wrapping up an essay that I had written for their mother load blog. It was about 9 PM last night and we had deemed the […]

New York Times

The editor of Room for Debate got in touch and asked me to write this piece Respect the Sacred, Ignore the Sexism Shoba Narayan¬†is a columnist and the author of two books: “Monsoon Diary” and “Return to India.“ Updated¬†January 8, 2013, 3:42 PM I am a Hindu. I love my religion’s glorious and imaginative epic […]

New York Times

I found my articles in the New York Times website by searching its archives (since 1851). They also have some feedback to my pieces which were amusing. You can see the page here Here are the articles themselves. India’s Arranged Marriages take a toll Where the Kitchen is Mostly a Men’s Club: An article about […]