Radio New Zealand

Every once in a while, Radio New Zealand calls me for Bryan Crump’s show, “Nights on Radio New Zealand.” It is a surreal experience, not the least because koels are cooing here and it is night there. I submit three topics and we discuss this, usually live. I don’t know how to listen to it […]

Connecting the Dots

My friends have been goading me to do something that I keep talking about doing. A podcast. I’d like to do a weekly one called “Connecting the Dots,” which takes current news items and puts a unique spin on it. I tried telling Mint to let me do podcasts but that hasn’t gone anywhere. So […]

Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand and I had fixed up a time for a live-show a few weeks ago.  On the appointed day, I miscalculated the time difference.  So here I am, in Commercial Street, Bangalore, showing around friends who have just arrived from Singapore.  I haven’t seen them for years and there is a lot of […]

Adam Bly

I met Adam Bly in Bangalore, thanks to my friend, Sriram.  We had a few meals together and I interviewed him at Inklude Labs’ offices.  Here is a video recording of the interview.  We were laughing a lot because I had to repeat lines.  

Radio New Zealand

I don’t know how they found me but I am now an overseas correspondent for a Radio show in New Zealand.  Below is the date of live broadcasts.  If anyone is in New Zealand, check them out. From: Nights  Subject: RNZ NIGHTS – 2012 OVERSEAS CORRESPONDENTS roster… Tuesday 8:40pm [NZT] Kia Ora koutou Neil, Terri, […]