Radio New Zealand

Two months ago, I did the second show of Radio New Zealand.  But forgot to put it here on the website. Tomorrow, we are taping the third show. You can listen to it here Shoba Narayan on Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand

Radio New Zealand and I had fixed up a time for a live-show a few weeks ago.  On the appointed day, I miscalculated the time difference.  So here I am, in Commercial Street, Bangalore, showing around friends who have just arrived from Singapore.  I haven’t seen them for years and there is a lot of…

Adam Bly

I met Adam Bly in Bangalore, thanks to my friend, Sriram.  We had a few meals together and I interviewed him at Inklude Labs’ offices.  Here is a video recording of the interview.  We were laughing a lot because I had to repeat lines.  

Radio New Zealand

I don’t know how they found me but I am now an overseas correspondent for a Radio show in New Zealand.  Below is the date of live broadcasts.  If anyone is in New Zealand, check them out. From: Nights  Subject: RNZ NIGHTS – 2012 OVERSEAS CORRESPONDENTS roster… Tuesday 8:40pm [NZT] Kia Ora koutou Neil, Terri,…

Why are they even together?

About good relationships and bad ones? Kate and Will are getting married. Do you have a good marriage? Find out. Here is the page on the Indicast Podcast Network

Friendship podcast

This week’s podcast about Friendship. Here at the Indicast site. Also below.

Lessons for Life: new podcast series

Aditya Mhatre of the Indicast Podcast Network emailed me after a Mint column about the podcasts I listen to. He introduced me to his podcast network at The Indicast and helped me learn how to do a podcast. We talked about formats and brainstormed about ideas. I’d like to do humour but that’s very hard….

Sam Gosling Interview

Here is a podcast I uploaded in which I interviewed Professor Sam Gosling via Skype. The page is here. You have to click on 9.3 MB Click here for the podcast

Introductory Podcast

It took me ten days to record this one because I wasn’t really sure what it was about. Finally, I decided to stop fussing about making it perfect and simply decided to try out this new and exciting medium. I am posting it here to remind myself of how bad my first podcast was. Of…

My First Podcast

Charlotte visited from Boston and inspired me to do something that I have long been wanting to do. Aditya Mhatre of Indicast told me to set it up at I recorded the piece using Apple’s built in Garage Band program. Didn’t have a mike or any of the other audio set ups so not…

Podcasts you should listen to

My latest Mint column It started with children’s audiobooks—abundantly available on the Web. offers free pod casts, in which a chirpy woman named Natasha tells stories suitable for children aged 6-16. Try it when your children come home from school. Along with their tiffin, you can serve them up a story. I have become…