Passage to India for House Beautiful

It was a dog-dripping-sweat summer’s day in Southern Kerala, when ravens took refuge under drooping jacaranda, and donkeys lay spread-eagled on muddy wayside pools. We were speeding along the narrow coastal road, the black Fiat rattling ominously with every bump. On one side was the aquamarine glare of the Arabian sea and on the other, […]


I used to be the Hinduism columnist for Beliefnet when it began years ago. When it got acquired, I even got stock options for which. They have a page for me here but most of my articles are archived under the Hinduism banner. Beliefnet’s Search page which has all my stories. Here are some of […]

Time Magazine

I did a number of pieces for Time magazine. Here they are. You can also find them at the Time magazine Search site here The Parent Trap By Shoba Narayan May 31, 2007 How do you warn your kids about child predators without sacrificing their innocence? Being Mohandas By Shoba Narayan Apr 12, 2007 A […]