Nepal Safari Lodge for T+L

A piece I wrote about the amazing Chitwan and Taj Safaris for Travel & Leisure Southeast Asia. The Great Game a stylish new safari lodge on the edge of chitwan national Park is raising the hospitality bar and bringing eco-tourism back to nepal. by Shoba NarayaN Beyond/Back Story 10bynd_backstoryThis issue’s contributors

An ode to improv comedy

And I got to interview the legend: Keith Johnstone Improv comedy classes make for a funny family holiday in London Shoba Narayan July 30, 2015 Updated: July 30, 2015 02:16 PM When my brother’s family and I decide to go to London together for two weeks, things threaten to quickly spiral out of control. Like […]

Birds in culture– the last of the four part series that I hugely enjoyed writing.

I pontificate on the pleasures of bird watching in this audio podcast here Like Arabs and falcons; like Indians and peacocks; like Americans and their eagles, like the French and their…..I don’t know which bird sparks the French imagination…. birds and animals are the stuff of our dreams and subconscious. The eagle, the ‘hamsa’ and […]

Birding: seeing versus hearing

This season is hard for birding.  The trees are lush with leaves.  Small birds are chirping and I can’t see them.  Drives me nuts. How to identify birds just by seeing them Ayurveda divides us into three phenotypes: vata, pitta and kapha. Vatas have acute hearing and enjoy the sense of touch—if my memory serves […]