Sri Lanka fascinates me.  Because I grew up in Tamilnadu, I have a close connection.  Must go to Jaffa next. This appeared in Discovery, the inflight magazine of Cathay Pacific.  Click on the below link DY0115_p044_051_sri lanka wildlife_rev2


Digital magazines are getting better and better. Silverkris has a nice section called “Been There,” which talks about activities and locations. I am working on two pieces for this section. Here is the first one on a martial art that is close to my heart: Aikido. You can read it in the gorgeous magazine here. […]


Oudh and frankincense are scents of the day. Here is a story that appeared in Qantas magazine, Australia. Thank you, Stanley Pinto for organizing a superb trip to Muscat. And hustling all of us energetic tourists and members of the Bangalore Black Tie into some semblance of organization. And thank you, Shawqi Sultan and Saleh […]


Thank you Viveck Crishna for the help and info. Here is the piece that appeared in Silkroad. Met a tea taster, Shivram Warrior, who was saying that once you drink enough cups, you can identify tea like I identify pizza– its provenance, grease-level, which Ray’s New York pizza outlet, and time of takeout. At least […]

British Airways Hyderabad

They called to assign Hyderabad. The layout in digital magazines is so beautiful now. Check out my story here. I have pasted content below but not the photos WORK TODAY, FLY TOMORROW • JULY 2014 HYDERABAD: EIGHT REASONS TO STAY This city has been a centre of prosperity and innovation for centuries, but nowadays is […]