A white-cheeked barbet (Megalaima viridis) is chirping like anything outside.  Driving me crazy that I cannot spot it. Wrote this piece for Silverkris, the Singapore Airlines inflight magazine. Links below. Contributors photo on Page 14-15 here Article on 28-29 here Skydiving for Silverkris


Sri Lanka fascinates me.  Because I grew up in Tamilnadu, I have a close connection.  Must go to Jaffa next. This appeared in Discovery, the inflight magazine of Cathay Pacific.  Click on the below link DY0115_p044_051_sri lanka wildlife_rev2

Diwali Food for BA

We’re after a piece on how different regions/cities in the country celebrate Diwali with food – this could be anything from street food in a big city like Delhi or Bombay to regions that might be influenced by other cultures (e.g French influence in Pondicherry).


Digital magazines are getting better and better. Silverkris has a nice section called “Been There,” which talks about activities and locations. I am working on two pieces for this section. Here is the first one on a martial art that is close to my heart: Aikido. You can read it in the gorgeous magazine here….


Oudh and frankincense are scents of the day. Here is a story that appeared in Qantas magazine, Australia. Thank you, Stanley Pinto for organizing a superb trip to Muscat. And hustling all of us energetic tourists and members of the Bangalore Black Tie into some semblance of organization. And thank you, Shawqi Sultan and Saleh…


Thank you Viveck Crishna for the help and info. Here is the piece that appeared in Silkroad. Met a tea taster, Shivram Warrior, who was saying that once you drink enough cups, you can identify tea like I identify pizza– its provenance, grease-level, which Ray’s New York pizza outlet, and time of takeout. At least…

British Airways Hyderabad

They called to assign Hyderabad. The layout in digital magazines is so beautiful now. Check out my story here. I have pasted content below but not the photos WORK TODAY, FLY TOMORROW • JULY 2014 HYDERABAD: EIGHT REASONS TO STAY This city has been a centre of prosperity and innovation for centuries, but nowadays is…

Bangalore Dance

For Silk Road. May 2014 issue KA0514_p058-061_Bengalura dance

Chennai for British Airways magazine

They have nice photos!! WORK TODAY, FLY TOMORROW • FEBRUARY 2014 NINE REASONS TO HANG OUT IN CHENNAI This ancient city on India’s Coromandel Coast is dubbed the Detroit of Asia, thanks to its thriving car manufacturing scene. But, says resident Shoba Narayan, Chennai is also the cultural capital of South India, and it would…

Khadi for Silkroad

I wrote this piece ages ago and forgot to post the link. Khadi for Silkroad