Sri Lanka fascinates me.  Because I grew up in Tamilnadu, I have a close connection.  Must go to Jaffa next. This appeared in Discovery, the inflight magazine of Cathay Pacific.  Click on the below link DY0115_p044_051_sri lanka wildlife_rev2


Thank you Viveck Crishna for the help and info. Here is the piece that appeared in Silkroad. Met a tea taster, Shivram Warrior, who was saying that once you drink enough cups, you can identify tea like I identify pizza– its provenance, grease-level, which Ray’s New York pizza outlet, and time of takeout. At least […]

Beer Story for Cathay Pacific

This is a story called Bengaluru Beer.  There is a fear that Delhi might over Bangalore as the Pub City of India– or has it already?  The one person who I wanted to interview for this piece but couldn’t do it by deadline was a man from a company called Ambicon.  They make equipment for […]