Living Wills

I first read about this in the Deccan Herald newspaper. I saw the name Periyakoil (which is a Tamilian name). That got me intrigued about the lady behind the name and so this article began. For Quartz. It’s time for Americans to start thinking about how they wish to die By Shoba Narayan 5 hours […]

Narendra Modi

As someone who is delighted with what happened in the elections, I just wish our new PM gave speeches that healed and built bridges rather than proclaim himself hero. In Quartz here As usual, the comments interest me: Posting some below. The article is below that. In order of appearance. In response to a question […]

Planet Earth: vast and humbling

My rant about how large Planet Earth is; and about the hubris of our species. Sometimes, humans have no clue. Wrote it last night. Out today. The pleasure of web-zines is their immediacy. Reads better in here LESSON FROM MALAYSIAN AIRLINES Superstition about travel may be gone—but our respect of it shouldn’t By Shoba […]

New Zealand’s film industry for WSJ

New Zealand’s film industry – By Shoba Narayan Queenstown, New Zealand — EVER SINCE DIRECTOR Peter Jackson put his native New Zealand on the map by setting The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy there, the country has been actively marketing itself as a movie backdrop, and global filmmakers have come rushing in. The common wisdom […]

Skydiving for WSJ

rticles > Newspapers > Wall Street Journal > Skydiving Skydiving – By Shoba Narayan With Nowhere to Go but Down, Siblings Reconnect (This article originally appeared in June 2001) TENS OF THOUSANDS of Americans skydive every year. Some do it to confront their fears, some do it for the thrills, and some, like me, do […]