Begins at 21:23: The battle over gay rights in India is in the courts and on the streets after the Indian Supreme Court refused to review a decision to restore the criminalization of gay sex. Shoba Narayan, a freelance journalist based in India, weighs in.

Listen to it here.

So they emailed….suddenly.
I told them that my friend, Vikram D. who is an openly gay journalist would be the better person to speak.
Called Vikram. He was in an auto, on his way to IIT to speak on this subject.
They needed it in half an hour. Which wasn’t possible for Vikram.
So connected Takeaway with Vikram by email and did my spiel.
Have so much to say on this topic.

On 29-Jan-2014, at 6:00 pm, E wrote:

Dear Shoba,

How are you? I’m a producer at WGBH radio with The Takeaway program. You were a super helpful contributor to our show last year:

I just wanted to reach out to you as we’re very interested in this story concerning the Supreme Court ruling on the gay sex ban:

Is this something that you are following and might be available to talk to us about? We’d just need 5-10 mins with you and we could tape something via SKYPE in the next hour, if possible?
It would be good to touch the culture of conservative India and how same-sex relationships are still considered taboo my many etc.

Sorry for the short notice…. If you could hit “reply all” when you’re able to respond, that would be great.

For back-up, we’re at WNYC studio tel: + 1 ] 4240.