Shoba Narayan

Shoba Narayan is a journalist and author.  Her books include

Shoba writes about travel, wildlife, nature, food, drink, fashion, art, music, culture, luxury and lifestyle for many publications.

They include Condenast Traveler (US edition), The NationalFinancial TimesDestinasianGourmetTime, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Knowledge@Wharton, and several airline publications: British Airways Highlife, Cathay Pacific’s Discovery, Singapore Airlines’ Silverkris, Silkroad, Qantas and The Telegraph (UK).  She has also written for Forbes Life, Washington Post, Departures, Food & Wine, Saveur, Newsweek, Beliefnet, and House Beautiful.

For nine years till August 2016, Shoba wrote a weekly column called “The Good Life” for Mint Lounge, an Indian business paper.  She also wrote columns for The National, based in Abu Dhabi, and used to write the Hinduism column for Beliefnet.

Shoba has taught courses for the Executive Post Graduate Program at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.  She has also taught humanities and arts at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore. She is a trustee of Neev Academy, Bangalore.

Shoba was a commentator on NPR’s All Things Considered Weekend.

Her essay, The God of Small Feasts, that was published in Gourmet, won the James Beard Foundation’s MFK Fisher Award for Distinguished Writing.  Her first book, “Monsoon Diary: a memoir with recipes,” was a finalist for a James Beard Award.  Both awards referenced here.  Scroll down.

Shoba graduated from the Columbia Journalism School with a Master of Science degree. The school awarded her a Pulitzer Traveling Fellowship, which she used to travel to Israel.

She can be reached at

Her cut-and-paste bio here

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  1. Hello Shoba, hope you are well, I haven’t seen much new stuff, any new projects or articles in the works?



    1. Hello Sir. Long time. Sorry I missed this comment. As you see, I am updating my website and you are being spammed with so many posts. The Unusual Partnerships profile series is one that I am excited about. Nice to hear from you.


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