I do three podcasts: on Sanskrit, Birds and Wine.

The Sanskrit Podcast— where the ideas of ancient India meet the modern world.  Listen to the Sanskrit Podcast on Youtube here and iTunes here

Bird Podcast here

Indian Wine Podcast here

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  1. R. Venugopal
    Independent researcher
    Religious studies.

    I am, R. Venugopal, aged about 45, and a student of religious and ancient scripts. My individual study reveals number of mysteries that is surrounded by our past, religions, and literature. I intend to write a book on the same, but my writing skills are limited and I am looking for someone to write/coauthor and edit the book for me.

    In the context of my book, all religions and institutions are interconnected to the divine power and to reach out to this regulator; an all-inclusive study of ancient religions, scriptures, literature, and philosophies should be merged to find a combined correlative universal one god and one religion theory which appears to be lost way behind us. Similarities in the religious concepts appear to be from the unique knowledge of ancient perspectives, which was well known to the whole world. What we know as a Proto-historic period, is a broken link of the wonderful knowledge, science, and literacy that ever existed before. This book can explain many of the questions raised in “Worlds in collision” and “Saturian cosmology” that remained unanswered.

    The Eclectic pattern of one religious concept because of its basic colossal nature beyond philosophy and imagination; was broken into multiple fragments giving rise to various religions, preaching, and thoughts. My research work is complete and I am looking for a writer’s help. As I felt a sense of creative asset and dependable source of excellent writing in you, please let me know if you are interested in this assignment and also provide your fee structure. Hope you will find it interesting and fun to work on this project.

    I prefer a qualitative job as against to deadline or turnaround time as priority, but feel one to one meet-up a necessary to deal with such a vast subject. Let me know if there is any other information I can provide.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards,

    R. Venugopal
    +91 8971539356


  2. अभिनन्दनवचनपूर्वकमिदं विपत्रं भवतु त्वन्मनःप्रीतये । अनेन मद्धार्दिकसन्तोषप्रकटनं भवत्यै निवेदयामि । शुभं भूयात् ॥


  3. Hi Shobaji,
    I listened two podcasts Pleasures of Sanskrit and on Dharma. Both are excellent and it amde me to explore more on Sanskrit. Expecting more Podcasts on Sanskrit. Appreciate your work.


  4. I listened to the second episode with Suhas. Very balanced and enjoyable discussion. I am trying to learn the language by myself and such resources are helpful.
    Please keep the podcasts going.
    best wishes


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