Patrick Pichette is probably a nice guy but…..

Got an email from a reader with some tough questions. I have my answers for them, but plan to write to him separately. Begin forwarded message: Date: March 21, 2015 at 1:13:43 AM GMT+5:30 Subject: Regarding – Balance vs Early Retirement From: Vaibhav Bhosale To: Cc: Dear Shoba, Read your article in Mint […]

Kiran Shaw profile for Silkroad

Some months ago, I went to Biocon to interview Kiran Mazumdar Shaw for a profile. With me was photographer, Mallik Katakol. We were photographing her for two stories for the same magazine: one a profile on her work-life balance, and another for a piece on biotech. The “Three in Biotech,” came out earlier and I […]