New book, not by me: The Udipi Kitchen

Geetha Rao is someone I got to know through Stanley Pinto’s The Bangalore Black Tie.  She always wears gorgeous saris and is now President of the Karnataka Crafts Council.  I have written about her sari collection for Mint– search for Kodali Karuppur sari and Geetha Rao.  Now, Geetha has a new book out, co-written with […]

Train Diary 4

The last of my beloved train diaries. For now. Train diary No.4: strangers and friends There are two types of people who travel on Indian trains: extrovert and introvert Shoba Narayan There are two types of people who travel on Indian trains: extrovert and introvert. Every compartment usually has both. There are the silent types […]


Am really enjoy seasonal fruits now. We drink watermelon and musk melon juice everyday. These are the pleasures of seasonality. Thankfully, watching NDTV with my father in law about being “Single in the City” with Vikram Chandra. From Mint Lounge this week Sat, Mar 30 2013. 11 22 AM IST Luxury in food is about […]

Living in Paris

To French wine, cheese, bread, but sadly, for a vegetarian– not French food.  Thank you, dear Elisabeth– our lunches together give me a taste of France right here in Bangalore. How the French do it Provenance, Indian style, is soon becoming a thing of the past Shoba Narayan      First Published: Thu, Dec 06 2012. 08 […]

Cupcakes in Chennai

  Customized cupcakes and south Indian tiffins The old and the new coexist in Chennai today in a way that warms the cockles of its erstwhile inhabitants. Madrasis have turned cosmopolitan but still retain their mordant wit The Good Life | Shoba Narayan Share on facebookShare on twitter In the early 1980s, if you said […]

New Zealand Food Tour for FT

Articles > Newspapers > Financial Times > New Zealand Food Tour New Zealand Food Tour – By Shoba Narayan (This article originally appeared in May 2005) For being such an isolated faraway country, New Zealand is a veritable culinary cornucopia. There are olives for the pressing, berries for the picking and wines for the sampling […]

Gourmet Magazine

Gourmet magazine has a page of my pieces here. SHOBA NARAYAN FOOD + COOKING GRAINS OF TRADITION In India, where I grew up, rice gains mystical—even mythological—proportions. SHOBA NARAYAN 09.11.08 TRAVEL + CULTURE: Masala Klub, Taj West End, Bangalore TAMPERING WITH TRADITION Opening an Indian restaurant in India isn’t easy. Indians are famously possessive about […]