Sri Lanka

If there is a takeaway from the below piece, consider this.  Watch Mani Ratnam’s movie, Kannathil Muthamittal (She kissed my cheek).  Read Romesh Gunasekhara’s (spelling?) books. Sri Lanka: fantasy island Shoba Narayan January 22, 2015 Updated: January 22, 2015 01:37 P There are some places that seem familiar even though you haven’t actually visited them….

Music and Art

Columns Posted: Fri, Mar 30 2012. 9:17 PM IST Tuning in to change ‘You have to hold your audience through your ability to elaborate on what you are thinking and playing’ The Good Life | Shoba Narayan  Artist Sudarshan Shetty and I are sitting on the steps of the Pushya Mahal ghat in Thiruvaiyaru town and chatting….

Sudarshan Shetty Profile

About Sudarshan Shetty for The National. Mumbai-based artist Sudarshan Shetty demonstrates his sense of play Shoba Narayan Mar 27, 2012  Standing outside the gleaming tower of the Maker Maxity building in suburban Mumbai is a fire-engine-red double-decker bus of the sort that used to ply the roads of Mumbai in the 1970s. This bus, however,…