On Wisdom

This one is for you, Ma.  And thanks, Sujata, for sending out the study. Intelligence versus wisdom, and humility comes out on top Shoba Narayan Aug 21, 2012 Does intelligence have anything to do with happiness? Or is it that more elusive quality – wisdom – that is more beneficial? A recent research paper, A Route to Well-being: Intelligence vs Wise-Reasoning, suggests that wisdom offers … Continue reading On Wisdom

My Life: Writing

My life: Shoba Narayan on being born to write Shoba Narayan Feb 29, 2012 My mother doesn’t read my articles but she thinks I am a terrific writer. Out of this seeming paradox springs my attitude and approach towards writing. ■ My Life: Shoba Narayan on rice ■ My Life: Shoba Narayan on her long-lasting marriage It is not that my mum doesn’t want to read my … Continue reading My Life: Writing