Wine and Indian food

I have been house-bound these days and have spent a lot of time boning up on an old pursuit: wine.  Reading, talking, listening and sampling.  The amount of material available on the Web is phenomenal; and the amount of wine available at my local Madhuloka is….er… pathetic.  Thank God for kind friends who raid their […]

New Zealand Food Tour for FT

Articles > Newspapers > Financial Times > New Zealand Food Tour New Zealand Food Tour – By Shoba Narayan (This article originally appeared in May 2005) For being such an isolated faraway country, New Zealand is a veritable culinary cornucopia. There are olives for the pressing, berries for the picking and wines for the sampling […]

Whey They Go: New Zealand. For Time magazine

If you think New Zealand cheese means processed cheddar slices, be prepared for a surprise. The country has seen a mini boom in artisanal cheeses in recent years, with producers taking advantage of a pristine environment and prime, grass-fed dairy cattle to create cheeses that would be at home in any gourmet emporium. Dutch-style cheeses […]