Cecil the Lion and the Art of Judgment

Do you have good judgment? How do you teach it? Cecil the Lion and the Art of Good Judgment   My uncle Sivaramakrishnan called from Mumbai this morning stating that he wanted to ‘capture Twitter.’   Sivaramakrishnan-mama is called SRK by neighbours in his largely Gujarati housing complex, a fact that he accepts with mixed […]

Be the woman of your choice

The piece below had the following comment from a reader. More than KV Kamath, the credit in ICICI should go to N Vaghul. The environment was conducive for the growth of women managers and the necessary flexibility was extended to women. They were given leadership roles during his tenure and by the time KVK came […]

Lessons in Rajat Gupta’s phone call for Mint Lounge

Here is a podcast that I did right after the Rajat Gupta tapes leaked for Indicast. Here is a column I wrote about Gupta.  I must have re-written this piece a million times. Here it is at Mint’s page. Here it is, copied below. There is a Sanskrit saying that I grew up hearing, Vinasha kaleshu […]